What is Linden Place?

Linden Place is a confidential counselling service provided for children and adolescents, to 18 years of age, who have been sexually abused.

The NSW Child Protection Council's definition of Child Sexual Assault is as follows:

CSA is a crime. It occurs when an adult or someone bigger than a child uses his or her power or authority over the child or takes advantage of the child's trust and respect, to involve the child in sexual activity. Child Sexual Assault does not refer only to sexual intercourse, although this is often involved. Child Sexual Assault involves a range of sexual activity including fondling genitals, masturbation, oral sex, vaginal or anal penetration by a finger, penis or any other object. It also includes exhibitionism and suggestive behaviour or comments. Key elements of any definition of CSA are the greater power of the offender over the child and the abuse of the child's trust and respect.

The centre not only provides counselling for the children and adolescents, but also for their family members, carers, partners and significant others of those who have been sexually abused.

Linden Place does not provide counselling for offenders of sexual assault.

There is no charge for this counselling service.

Anybody who has any concerns relating to Child Sexual Assault can feel free to contact us for information or an appointment.

Linden Place is designed to be a safe environment for children and their support person/s to discuss their feelings surrounding the abuse which has occurred.


Is it only Counselling?

NO - Linden Place will:


What to do if a child tells you they have been sexually assaulted

Tell them:


Who to contact

Contact Department of Community Services or the Police

If you are a teacher or school counsellor you must notify the Principal. The Principal is legally obligated to contact the Department of Community Services.

If you are unsure about what to do, and would like some advice, feel free to contact Linden Place.


Contacting Linden Place

We have an answering machine.

Please leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

PHONE: 02 5908 3307

FAX: 02 6921 5656

24 Dobbs Street Wagga Wagga

or write to

PO Box 2239
Wagga Wagga NSW



Funding for this program is provide by the Department of Family and Community Services.